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ReBUZZi | Sonsuz Bulmaca


One day Jale Kaya, while living still in Vienna, realized that normal puzzle games didn’t interest her. Because all of these had only a single solution.

Nobody could play a second time after solving the puzzle. She dreamt of a puzzle which could be re-started once solved, where each time, there would be a different solution. And following that moment until 1996, after several trials, Rebuzzi (re: again, buzzi: puzzle), containing 64 square pieces was born. After receiving the copyright confirmation in the same year, she opened an exhibition with emphasis on Rebuzzi, at Austria Graphic Artists Association (DA) in Vienna. But unfortunately, the puzzle was so difficult that nobody could solve it except for one person. Following this, she returned to Istanbul and continued her efforts. And….in the end…. the new Rebuzzi containing 25 square pieces was born.

The aim of the game is to bring together the same colors or patterns adjacently, where there are 25 square pieces with 5 different patterns or colors (or both). You reach different solutions each time you play Rebuzzi. To achieve a solution, you can freely change the positions of the pieces. Enjoy…

I would like to thank Krzystof and Gabriela Krotla, Tempa Ambalaj San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., Severin Filek, Emine Onaran İncirlioğlu, Tuna Yurtseven, Öngün Sanlı, Dilek Sanlav, Mehmet and Neşe Özkal, my sister Meral Şahinoğlu, Mehmet Emin Şahinoglu, Nazan Tacer, Ceyda Özbilen, Mehmet İnhan and my mother Müjgan Kaya for believing in me and always supporting me in my efforts.
- Jale Kaya